The AHEC Scholars Program is a nationally funded program by the Health Resources and Administration Association (HRSA), aimed at strengthening the healthcare workforce.


  • Earn recognition as a student leader in the health community with the skills to lead your peers
  • Inspire and improve health status and outcomes through your improved command of leadership
  • Be better positioned to join or lead a diverse and culturally competent health workforce
  • Gain practical skills and experience in practice transformation collaboration in underserved settings in Nevada
  • Gain practical didactic/civic engagement opportunities
  • IPE credit may be awarded by enrolled institution

Exclusive and Competitive:

  • Statewide program: limited and competitive application process with two-year commitment - max. Class 45
  • Practice Interprofessional collaboration in rural and/or urban underserved settings
  • Priority given to Nevada residents enrolled in minimum 2-year programs (Degree or Certificate Programs)
  • Open to all health students enrolled in clinical and non-clinical programs
  • Interprofessional capstone project required of all AHEC Scholars

Who can apply?

Nevada AHEC Scholars is open to all health students who: are enrolled in a health professions degree or certificate program and be two years from program or degree completion.

  • Must have a current interest in rural or underserved urban healthcare
  • Priority will be given to Nevada residents enrolled in post-secondary health professions of at least two years in duration
  • AHEC Scholars is a statewide program accepting a total of 45 students and is organized into regional cohorts in Las Vegas, Reno, and Elko, Nevada.

What is it?

The Nevada AHEC Scholars program is for heath profession students wishing to enhance their education by gaining additional leadership knowledge and experience in rural and/or underserved urban settings.

All AHEC Scholars have a two-year commitment involving leadership curricula to implement a defined set of clinical, didactic, and community based activities and/or projects.

Key program components include:

• Leadership education • Behavioral health integration • Practice transformation
• Social determinants of health • Online coursework • Cultural Competency
• Expert keynotes • Peer-to-peer mentoring • Current and emerging health issues
• Practical capstone project


Applications are limited and competitive! For more information, contact:
desert meadows high sierra frontier
(702) 799-1010 x5421 (775) 410-2717 (775) 738-3828 x25
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