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Help  -  For assistance:
  • Check FAQs. (see below)
  • Email Vegas PBS to create help ticket (goalonline@VegasPBS.org).
  • Include your name, contact info and a brief description of the problem Responses for all help tickets will be within 24 hours.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do online courses work?
An online course brings the classroom direct to you through your home or work computer. Class sessions, course materials, exercises, and even field trips are accessible any time and any day convenient to you. All of your coursework, including discussions, group work, and writing assignments, is done electronically. You simply log into your course through a web browser, and you're in class.
So are online courses self-paced?
No, most are not. Depending on the instructor, you will have assignments that require you to communicate with other students just as you would in a face-to-face course. Most online courses require you to adhere to due dates for assignments, quizzes, tests, etc. If you register for an online course, expect to finish the course on the instructor's timeline, not yours.
Do all online courses look and work the same?
No. Instructors have complete control over the design and organization of their courses. Just as instructors individualize face-to-face courses, they tend to do the same for online courses. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the course early in the semester in order to become comfortable with navigating to important materials. Also keep in mind that most instructors are not online all day and might not reply to your questions right away. Check the syllabus to see if your instructor details his or her response policy.
Will I ever have to physically report to a location for class?
Well, that depends. Some of our career certification programs require “hands-on” field work or provide for an internship. If this is required, it will be explained in the course details.
Can I take this training on a cell phone or iPad?
Users can access the LearnCenter from an iPad or cell phone; however, the training program or course may not be accessible if the device does not support the necessary software to view the content. For example, iPad does not support Flash, if the course you are taking requires Flash then you won’t be able to view the content.
How do I register for an online course?

Just click Register to register online.

Note: Students registering for Self-Paced courses may require a 24-48 hour window prior to starting the course.
For questions, contact your administrator.
Why: Courses are offered by 3rd party vendors, data transfer must occur to enable access to the course

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